Our Advantages

Why should you work with us

Whether you’re a translator taking on a new project or a client searching for the right service provider, SMARTLATION.COM offers you the following:

Professionalism: SMARTLATION.COM categorizes service providers by field of expertise and localization ability, thus ensuring that the translator of your choice is the best one for the job.

Quality: Our algorithm provides a list of service providers with a proven track record. The vendor list includes a rating chart. The client can sort vendors from “excellent” to “good enough” before selecting a given translator.

Competitive Pricing: Prices on SMARTLATION.COM are based on each translator’s asking price. We do not charge advertising or membership fees, thus ensuring that the client gets the lowest price possible.

Cost-effective: All prices quoted through SMARTLATION.COM are based on the source language text. When a project is uploaded, our system provides an accurate word count and generates a quote. By providing the quote upon upload, the client knows the final price in advance.

Speed: The list displays the estimated time of delivery for each vendor. The system also tracks the translator’s progress. If there is a delay, the client is notified immediately. This ensures that the job is finished on time.

Ease of mind: All stages of a project are done through SMARTLATION.COM. This saves both client and vendor from having to use different methods of communication for each stage of the job. SMARTLATION.COM makes the whole translation process fast, easy, and simple.

Our platform is the ONLY system in existence today that gives the client complete control over the project at all stages.

SMARTLATION.COM has been designed with the customer in mind, making it user-friendly and easy to use.