Translators FAQ

point Be exposed to a global array of potential clients.
point Be able to project your profit BEFORE taking on a new endeavor.
point Get everything done in one place. No need for different sites for uploads, payments etc.
point Determine how many hours a day you want to work, and how many days a week.
point Determine your own pricing. No one “forces” you to work for his or her price.
point Enjoy all the benefits we offer.
point We are really nice... Seriously? Why should you NOT register with us?

Not at all! SMARTLATION.COM is a great place for translators to increase their workflow. You are welcome to obtain jobs from any, and as many, other resources you like.

When it comes to pricing, SMARTLATION.COM works a little different than other sites.
We provide the client with a quote BEFORE he chooses a potential service provider. The way we do that is provide the final price based on the ORIGINAL text. Since pricing is, sometimes, one of the parameters that determine how a client will make his choice, we need your price per-word, for the ORIGINAL text in order to provide an exact quote before the client selects a vendor and the job is allocated.

SMARTLATION.COM provides clients a fair, objective comparison between different service providers, such as you, based on a few parameters. Please feel free to determine your own pricing plan. We do recommend you keep the idea of competition in mind and try to be as economical as possible, that way you might increase the amount of jobs offered to you.

Absolutely! When you log in to your account (using your username and password) you can go to “My Profile” where you can edit and make changes to most of the information you provided us when you initially registered. You can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. Pricing is certainly one of the changeable variables in your profile.

Once you are fully registered with SMARTLATION.COM, your information enters our database. When your information matches the search criteria entered by a potential client, you will appear in his result page as one of the translators we recommend for the job. Once the client picks you for the project, we immediately notify you via email, as well as text-message to your mobile phone, regarding a “Job Pending Status” on your account. You should then log in to your account as soon as possible to view the job details and choose to accept or decline the project. PLEASE BE ADVISED: sometimes clients choose more than one potential translators for a specific project, in which case we notify all the translators chosen. The first of those to accept the job – gets it!

When a client chooses you as a possible service provider, we immediately notify you via email that you have a job pending. You should, as soon as possible, log in to your account and view the job details through your profile page, accept or decline the job. REMEMBER: a specific job might be offered to more than one translator at the same time, in which case the first translator to log in and accept the job – gets it!

The job was probably already picked up by another matching translator, sorry! Try to be faster next time.

There are a few possible reasons. Sometimes clients might specify urgency in the need for completion, so they are provided a few options for vendors, sometimes clients ask for more than one choice, and we ask the client to make more than one choice to make sure the job is completed as quickly as possible.

SMARTLATION.COM assures your payment. It is made only after you completed the job AND the client approved it.

Yes. After you submit the completed work, the client has up to 5 business days to approve the job or submit a claim. If 5 business days pass and no approval or claim has been submitted, it is assumed the client approves the job, Payments are sent through PayPal or Payoneer on either 15th (the mid business day) and 30th/31st (the last business day) of each month. The projects that are approved by customers in the first half of the month will be paid on the mid business day of the month which is the 15th of each month. The client forfeits the right to dispute. PLEASE NOTE: In some cases the timeframe we provide the client for approval might change, if 5 business days have passed and you received no notice regarding the project, please contact our team for further information.

If the client does not approve the work you performed, our staff proofreads the copy you sent and determines whether the clients claim is valid or not. After such determination is established we inform all parties of our conclusions and suggestions for resolution of each case specifically.

On your profile page you will find tabs where you can see your account status (funds available, funds & jobs pending, payment history etc.). You can also find instructions on how to make a withdrawal via the method you chose when you signed up for an account with SMARTLATION.COM (for example: a PayPal account).

In some cases, especially during a withdrawal process, we might automatically block user accounts if a security anomaly is detected. We work very hard to keep your funds and information safe. If you were blocked – please contact us immediately by clicking the “Contact us” button so we can resolve the issue ASAP.

Some parts of your profile and personal information such as your name, email address and other sensitive items (especially financial information) cannot be updated for security reasons. If you need to have some of these items changed for any reason, please contact our team directly through our “Contact us” button.

Your score with us is based on all the relevant information you provide us when you register, as well as real customer feedback. You can always contact us and we will explain how to submit special paperwork such as credentials, certificates etc.

At SMARTLATION.COM, each translator is recommended for every job based on a match to the search criteria entered by the client. When a translator shows as having a certain score, it pertains ONLY for the match level for the specific search at hand. This way a vendor’s score might differ from one search to another. HOWEVER, One way to improve your chances is to provide us with diplomas and experience certificates. Another way is to provide the best, most competitive price possible. After you perform a few jobs with us, client feedback will greatly affect your score with SMARTLATION.COM so, when performing a project, always do your best.
Other than that? Just do what you love and love what you do – that will always bring you good results!

We are sorry! Please understand we cannot list all languages in the world…
If you are proficient in a language that does not appear on our lists – please notify us via our “Contact Us” button and we will add it to the list.

You can always contact us and tell us how you want to get paid. We will let you know if we find your way adequate to our business practices and standards.

Click the “Contact Us” button to submit a request. We will reply as soon as possible.

Payment will be sent through PayPal. Payment policy: NET 30 (EOM + 30 days)