Customers FAQ

point You determine what parameters are important to you when selecting a translator.
point You choose from a list of providers most fitting YOUR priorities.
point You know the exact, full price for the job BEFORE you choose a translator (actually, final price can be one of the parameters to help you choose between service providers in the first place).
point SMARTLATION.COM is a one-stop-shop where you can complete ALL the phases of a translation transaction.
point We are really nice people, and so are our translators!

Although you can find and book translators on SMARTLATION.COM, we are NOT a translation company. Traditionally, most translation companies and websites represent their own, or freelance translators and will not let you choose the language service provider who will actually perform the job for you. Also, since a lot of translation companies and providers will calculate their fees in accordance with the size of the DESTINATION text (the translated material) – when ordering, they will provide only an estimated cost and you will only know the exact full price after the project is completed. We do not represent but recommend from a variety of vendors. We provide an objective comparison for your search after the most suited service provider and help you make a decision that is as educated as possible. Also, we base the cost on the original SOURCE text (material being translated) so we can provide a full, exact quote for each translator recommended before you make your purchase. Simply put? When it comes to choices, objectivity, cost and general effectiveness... SMARTLATION.COM gives you more!
(Please refer to the “What we do” and “How does it work” sections in “Learn More” for more information).

Simple! While traditional translation providers (companies and individual freelancers) will determine parameters such as timeline, expertise, and pricing when you purchase their services, on SMARTLATION.COM you have the ability to specify YOUR preferences and priorities, and receive a list of providers that will work by YOUR requirements and budget. (Please refer to the “How does it work” section in “Learn More” for more information).

SMARTLATION.COM provides you a final price quote for each vendor based on the pricing that specific vendors determine. HOWEVER – you can compare between different providers based on price, so it is much easier to find a translator who will perform the job at your budget or as close to it as is humanly possible. We can safely state that, with SMARTLATION.COM, you have MORE control over the budget than anywhere else we know of.

Our lists of languages and fields of expertise keep growing and are dependent on the information freelance translators provide us. If there is an item you require and you can’t find it on our lists, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to find a vendor that will perform the required item and add it to our lists. (PLEASE NOTE: sometimes an item might be described differently than the way you would search it, that would happen sometimes with specific fields of expertise, for example).

Each translation job will take a different amount of time to be completed based on a few variables. First, of course, the timeline depends on the size of the job. Second, each language service provider has his/her own schedule and speed. When you perform a search on SMARTLATION.COM we also show you an estimated time of completion for each translator. It is our recommendation you take this factor into consideration when selecting the service provider you want to use. If time is of the essence on the specific project you have at hand – you can refine the initial search using timeline as a priority for the match results.

SMARTLATION.COM is all about YOUR FREEDOM to choose the translator that fits you best. When you run a search on SMARTLATION.COM, you get a list of translators most fitting your preferences including final quotes for each vendor. You will notice the prices vary from vendor to vendor based on each vendors pricing plan. Don’t see your desired budget in one of those results? No problem! You can now refine your search by clicking the “Search by Price” button. The system will now provide a new list based on the advanced search you just performed and you can find the price you think is reasonable for the job at hand. PLEASE NOTE: One thing might come at the expense of another so, a low price might reflect on the quality, speed or other parameters.

The same way we can. Freelance translators working through SMARTLATION.COM are required to follow the high standards we promise you. That includes, of course, completing the project within the promised timeline. When your project is at the “Ongoing” stage through SMARTLATION.COM, the translator is a required to provide progress reports. Part of the technology advancements on SMARTLATION.COM is the ability to follow these progress reports. If the system foresees a possible diversion from the timeline, it alerts our team who will handle the case, make sure all possible steps are taken for the project to complete on time and, in case the timeline will not be met, will contact you. So, again, we can safely claim that when you choose SMARTLATION.COM as the portal for hiring a vendor for your project – you are in good hands!

After you receive the translated material, we ask you review and approve it. In case the work does not seem to be of the quality you expected when you chose the translator, please notify us immediately (you can do so through the “Contact Us” button). Our team will then determine the true quality of the work performed, submit the results of the inquiry, and mediate between both you and the translator to resolve the issue.

Contact between the translator and client, at any time, can be done only through SMARTLATION.COM. You can do so by using the “Contact Us” button and we will relay the message to the translator. Sharing personal information or contacting providers hired through our platform directly is a violation of our term conditions.

SMARTLATION.COM checks the progress of the translators work as described above. If you don't find progress and weren’t notified of a problem by our system or personnel, please contact us as soon as possible so we can check and take proper measures to resolve the issue.

SMARTLATION.COM is in permanent development to provide clients all possible methods and tools to interact with the site, which includes payment methods. At the moment we accept different types of credit cards. You can also pay using your PayPal account. If you have a different idea or would like to use a different method – please feel free to contact us with a suggestion.

SMARTLATION.COM does not request personal or payment information via e-mails. If you receive such e-mail or any other contact attempt was made, please notify us immediately so we can inquire as for the source and legitimacy of such attempts. If we detect an anomaly we immediately contact you to check your interests and information safety.

We are always happy to accept requests and recommendations to improve our service. Please feel free to share such recommendations and requests with us.