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SMARTLATION.COM is a ground breaking, first of its kind platform. We are, first and foremost, a search engine designed with one specific goal in mind - to help individuals and organizations, in need of translation services, find the right language service providers.

Traditionally, when in search of a translator, a potential client is faced with a few challenges. In order to find what is needed, he/she is forced to log on to various websites and compare between different translation providers, hoping to find a vendor who matches their needs. This usually proved to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Another way a client can go is to use the services of a translation company. Typically, such companies use freelance translators and do not provide the client with the ability to specify preferences, choose the service provider who performs the actual job and thus - have more control over the way the project is performed.

Another challenge is the fact that there are almost no online platforms allowing for all aspects of a transaction to be performed and completed in one place. Many service providers have to use one website to advertise their services, another to allow the customer to order and purchase their service, and other platforms for making payments, uploading materials, communicating and sending the translated texts etc… a fact which, also, makes the process tedious and cumbersome for them as well as their respective clients.

And, most importantly, before smartlation.com – there was never a way to receive help, guidance and perform an objective, non-biased comparison between different language service providers.

SMARTLATION.COM is the best solution to all those problems, and much more!

We developed a unique, advanced, mathematical algorithm that enables us to compare between different providers based on a few different parameters such as skills, experience, availability and more, and provide, for each specific search launched through our system, a list of matching translators based on the search parameters.

Since we are NOT a translation company and do not stand to benefit or suffer lose if a client selects to use the services of one vendor over another, we can provide a real, objective comparison.

In the result page we will also provide a score for each of the vendors based on experience, education as well as previous customer experiences, comments and ratings!

We enable our users to perform all the stages of a transaction in one place, From initial search through selection, ordering and following up on the progress to making and collecting payments. This way the whole process of acquiring translation services (as well as providing them) is much easier, faster and friendlier.

That is why we claim, and so many customers agree – cut, dry, simple…

SMARTLATION.COM is the best way to find and shop for a translator!