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The way we connect translators and customers

Step 1. Fill in the source and destination languages and tell us what field of expertise the project calls for (example: legal, medical, general etc.). Then upload the text you need translated. (Due to privacy concerns, the text is not shown to providers until they fully accept the job as described next, the necessity to upload the text at this stage is due to the fact that our price quotes are based on the SOURCE TEXT, IN THE SOURCE LANGUAGE, so our algorithm needs the text as an important factor in the calculations. Please take notice: if your text requires a certain expertise on behalf of the provider, make sure to state it in step one, otherwise a vendor might reject the project AFTER seeing the text and finding their set of skills do not match the job). After step 1 is completed, the system “goes to work” and provides you with a list of our ten top rated service providers found suitable for the job at hand, based on their ratings with SMARTLATION.COM, along with a quote for the FINAL price for each provider.

Step 2. Choose the desired provider from that list. We encourage you to choose up to three different possible providers as a situation might occur, where a certain translator would not be able to perform the work, even though our system has them as available. In case you do not find a provider who matches your needs, You are also given the opportunity to refresh the search and be presented with further lists of ten providers at a time. The list can be refreshed an unlimited numbers of times, until suitable providers are found based on the data given. (Please note: if within approximately two minutes no providers are selected from the list, it will automatically refresh itself).At the refreshment stage, you are also given the opportunity to search by price or timeline, from which point the list will only show providers who will be presented by the choosen criteria.

Step 3. After choosing a few potential providers, you will need to log in as a registered user (or register, if new to SMARTLATION.COM) and submit the list of chosen providers as well as your payment information (no charges are made until ONE, FINAL provider is selected).

Step 4. The selected vendors are notified by our system they have a “job offer pending”. They can now log in to their account on SMARTLATION.COM, view the requirements you made, and decide if they want to accept the project or not.Once the first of the chosen translators had approved taking on the project, and committed to performing the work to the best of his/her abilities, by your specifications, the other translators will see the project as “no longer available”. At that time charges are made via the payment method you specified (I.E credit card) and you will receive e-mail notification.

Step 5. After selecting potential providers, login as a registered user (or register, if new to SMARTLATION.COM) and submit the list of selected providers with your payment information. No charges are made until ONE, FINAL provider is selected.

Step 6. Providers receive notification that they have a “job offer pending”. They are directed to login to SMARTLATION.COM, view your criteria and decide whether to accept the project or not. Once a translator takes on the project, it will no longer be available to other translators. At this point you will be charged via your payment method of choice (i.e. credit card) and receive e-mail notification.

Step 7. You will be notified when the service provider submits the completed project. You are required to approve the work done. If you do not approve the work within 72 hours, the system automatically considers the project approved. You are encouraged to provide feedback (this information is only used in order to update the translator’s rating). Once the project is approved, the system transfers payment to the translator and the project is considered complete. You will then receive an invoice from us.